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  • 10 Facts About Bikini Permanent Hair Removal

10 Facts About Bikini Permanent Hair Removal

Have you ever struggle to keep your bikini area neat? Razor bumps, ingrown hairs as well as sensitive skin issues can cause a lot of concern about how you look “down there.”

While there are many bikini permanent and non-permanent hair removal options, none are as effective, hygienic or pain-free as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) permanent laser hair removal. EstheClinic’s IPL technology offers benefits unmatched by other hair removal methods.

Need more to be convinced? Here are 10 facts about bikini permanent hair removal that will inspire you to try IPL!


1. Razor Risk

First, as you may already know shaving only remove hair from the surface of the skin and leave the root intact and hairs appear to be stronger and darker after each use. But did you know razors pose potentially dangerous risks to our health and safety while using it for bikini area? We grew up with razors. We know they’re easy, quick and accessible. While we support using razors for touch-ups, and think they’re great in a pinch, we also know that technology has come a long way. From cuts and scrapes to possible STD risks and unsightly bikini results, razors can cost you in the long run. We’re breaking up with razors, and think you should too!


2. Wax Off

Waxing undoubtedly offers much longer lasting results compared to razors, but it is still far from being permanent. Placed in the wrong hands, wax can expose you to all of the risks of razors, with the additional risk of burns. Your bikini area is delicate, and while wax may seem dependable, you definitely have better options.


3. IPL Technology Works Wonders

IPL is a type of light therapy that heats and kills the root of the hair. This sort of ground-breaking technology is not only used for hair removal—it can also help with skin discoloration, acne, sun damage and unsightly veins or broken capillaries. (Here at EstheClinic, we offer a painless IPL Bikini Hair Removal treatment that is painless and safe on all skin types)


4. No Pain, All Gain

When people think of laser hair removal, they worry about pain. Traditional laser hair removal options could cause discomfort. However, IPL technology is cutting edge, offering permanent hair removal, even in tricky and delicate areas such as your bikini area. At EstheClinic, we’ve served our clients for over 20 years, and nothing beats our IPL hair removal treatments. In fact, the only pain you’ll feel is regret for not having laser hair removal sooner.


5. Bye Bye Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

IPL laser hair removal targets hairs deep at their roots, and won’t cause unsightly and uncomfortable regrowth. With permanent hair removal, bikini bumps are a thing of the past! No bumps, no ingrown hairs, no worries! With IPL, you’ll never have to fret about your hair follicles becoming blocked and causing ingrown irritations. As your treatments progress, ingrown hairs will stop before they even start.


6. So Fresh & So Clean

Proper hygiene with bikini hair removal is essential. With permanent laser hair removal solutions through IPL, there are no waxes, strips, razors or contamination risks.


7. Ready for Anything

Permanent IPL hair removal means you’ll be ready for anything—like not having to worry about grooming your bikini area before your last-minute holiday. The freedom that comes with your results are the ultimate luxury, and thanks to technology, IPL is more affordable than ever before.


8. Long-term Savings

IPL treatments are much more affordable than many people assume. Traditional hair removal is costly and requires constant upkeep. The permanent nature of IPL hair removal will save you not only frustration, but also money in the long run.


9. Use IPL for Your Entire Body

Your bikini area is not the only place that’s excellent for IPL hair removal. We also offer IPL treatment for your face and body, such as your legs, armpits, back—anywhere where you want hair to disappear.


10. Award-Winning Results

Here at EstheClinic we are known for our award-winning permanent IPL bikini treatments. On all ages and skin types, IPL treatment keeps our clients free of unwanted hair and bikini ready. We’d like to do the same for you.

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