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  • What are the best (permanent or not) hair removal methods?​

What are the best (permanent or not) hair removal methods?​

Women adopt many methods to remove unwanted hair. Regularly and more often than naught painfully, they struggle to make their skin divinely smooth; about once a month for the most efficient methods, or every week with the more short-lived ones.

Take a few unpainful minutes here to discover the traditional methods of hair removal as well as the new, less disagreeable ones. At EstheClinic we believe in a “no pain all gain” beauty motto, women who want to remove underarm, legs, bikini or any body part hairs should not undergo pain on such a regular basis…our advice at the end of this article!

The non-permanent methods

Razor: the oldest enemy of your hair

Method: Hair removal with a simple razor and soapy water. Preferably with razors suitable for hair removal (no dull blades). A real practical tool, it can remove hair instantly. In the shower or bath, it allows all men and women to remove hair easily

Advantages: very fast and inexpensive technique. Painless. Your skin will be immediately soft and smooth
Disadvantages: Not effective (hair regrowth after two or three days). Repeated use tends to irritate the skin

Pain: Painless, but sensitive skin can be irritated

Hot or cold wax: pain ensured

Method: The effectiveness of this method varies for different types of wax used, their quality and the conditions of application on the skin

Advantages: Three types of waxes available: hot, warm or cold (e.g. strips), available in different forms. Slow regrowth of hair (two to three weeks)


Disadvantages: The preparation can be time consuming in terms of the wax to heat (e.g. reusable wax pot). The waxes can promote the appearance of pimples on some areas. You must have a decent length of hair for perfect hair removal. If the hair is too short it might just be a waste of your time. The hot wax can cause burns if applied at too high of a temperature. And waxes generally promote ingrown hairs and itching

Pain: intense but brief

Depilatory cream: the false friend

Method: The components of the depilatory cream attack the keratin of which hair is made, which then dissolves and is removed by rinsing

Advantages: Painless, Fast

Disadvantages: Fast Regrowth of hair (one to three days). The chemical components can cause allergic reactions

Pain: No pain but chemical components can cause allergic reactions

The electric epilator: it stings!

Method: This device mimics the operation of the tweezers; tear hair one by one, at the root

Advantages: Rapid Technique (a few minutes). The hair grows back thinner (less visible)

Disadvantages: Painful technique. Ideal for your legs. But for sensitive areas, even if you have the appropriate special heads, those looking for comfort should abstain. Can be expensive to buy. Can promote the appearance of pimples

Pain: intense

Threading: a complex learning process

Method: This painless technique is used in specialized institutes for the eyebrow, chin or moustache. It is based on the use of taught cotton thread, which allows one to pull hair of a certain length

Advantages: Not too painful technique. Does not irritate the skin. Efficiency (deep hair removal)

Disadvantages: Technique that takes time and thus is quite costly. Learning this technique is cumbersome, since the method itself is an art. A few little pangs are still felt during the session, and you will notice some redness at the end of the session. So do not plan to go to a gallant date just after your eyebrow hair removal!

Pain: not too painful

The permanent methods

Electrolysis: tedious permanent hair removal

Method: Electrolysis burns hairs one by one. The practitioner inserts a filament (needle-like) into the hair follicle, and then sends out an electrical micro-current. The burning of the hair bulb (hair root) follows, and it is removed using tweezers with a pointed tip

Advantages: This method is suitable for all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest, and all hair pigmentation. It can be used safely on sensitive areas like eyebrows and nipples

Disadvantages: As this method eradicates the hair one by one, the exercise is long and tedious. The costs, calculated by the minute, are high

Pain: intense

Traditional IPL and Laser: permanent hair removal but not for everyone and not comfortable

Method: The area to be treated must be shaved. The laser or IPL targets the melanin in the hair by emitting light pulses. It penetrates up to 3.5 mm below the skin in order to heat the bulb of the hair and destroy it

Advantages: The traditional laser or IPL can quickly remove hair from large areas of skin. It is safe for light skin but needs to be used with caution for the darkest skin types. It quickly eradicates dark, wiry hair on fair skin

Disadvantages: It does not remove non-pigmented hair (blond, white, red) or very fine hair (fuzzy type). It can cause swelling, burning and scarring, but these effects are rare and usually resolve themselves. It is better to turn to traditional laser or IPL during autumn and winter months of the need to stay away from UV rays for four weeks before and after treatments

Pain: intense but brief, as if the skin was pinched repeatedly by a rubber band

IPL and Laser with permanent pulse: safe and painless permanent hair removal for everyone

Estheclinic advices IPL Permanent Pulse as it is safe and painless for everyone

Method: Innovative technology for hair removal, the new generation laser and IPL system will, undoubtedly seduce you. This painless method helps to remove your hair permanently, and only in a few sessions. The intense pulsed light or laser with Permanent Pulse technology can be used on all skin types, even the darkest. This process is obviously safe since it neither burns nor damages the skin. After five or six sessions, your hair has completely disappeared

Advantages: Permanent Pulse technology is considered the next-generation of permanent hair removal systems due to its painless, effective and hassle-free procedure. The sweeping motion of Permanent Pulse technology works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while not injuring surrounding tissue

Disadvantages: Like the traditional method of permanent hair removal, the Permanent Pulse technology cannot remove non-pigmented hair (blond, white, red) or very fine hair (fuzzy type)

Pain: No pain. You can feel a slight heat on the most sensitive parts, but no pain

Are you interested in having a Safe, Painless and Permanent Hair Removal treatment using medical grade technology ?

EstheClinic offers Permanent Hair Removal treatments in Hong Kong.

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