Buro reviews: We tried a three-day intensive anti-ageing skincare programme that promised Instant Youth

EstheClinic has devised an intensive, three-day programme that will give instantly improved skin. We look at the science behind it and give our verdict

If like me you’re witnessing the first signs of ageing on your face, it can be a frustrating experience. As a beauty editor, I’m fortunate enough to have access to the best skincare products (and cover-up makeup) on the market. But even then, fine lines, sagginess and dull skin, are still a persistent problem that products can’t always treat effectively. I’m a strong believer in machines — such as lasers and radiofrequency (RF) devices — and in-office procedures when my skin really needs a boost, so I was very interested to try EstheClinic’s 3 Days to Instant Youth programme. This anti-ageing programme is best carried out three days in row, although due to unforeseen circumstances, I did my last day of treatments, five days after my second one. 

The Procedure

The programme actually uses three devices — all with the intention of stimulating collagen production for a long-lasting, long-term effect. The first is thermo-controlled RF, the second is micro-needling while the third is LED photomodulation. Coupled with EstheClinic’s in-house Eladerm skincare products like the Le Sérum, this intensive procedure works quickly and effectively. Says Dr Gerard Botboul, EstheClinic co-founder and a celebrity aesthetician in France, “EstheClinic’s “Instant Youth in 3 Days” programme is probably the most complete  non-invasive anti-ageing treatment in the market. By combining these specific technologies and cosmeceutical products together, we can effectively target all the signs of ageing for dramatic results.” These signs include not just age-related problems like fine lines, undefined contours, dullness, roughness and pigmentation, but other skin issues like acne scars and actual blemishes.

Explaining how the combination of products and machines work Dr Botboul says, “The thermo-controlled RF treatment works by creating a controlled injury to the skin that sets a wound-healing response into high gear. This spurs collagen formation, cell regeneration, and firms and plumps the skin. The LED Photomodulation treatment improves the visible signs of ageing, reduces age and dark spots and overall redness, restoring glow to the skin. Both treatments work on collagen stimulation at multiple layers of the skin. Combining the effectiveness of EstheClinic’s patented aesthetic technologies and Eladerm cosmeceuticals, this innovative programme delivers powerful results without the traditionally harsh side effects of more invasive technologies, giving dramatic and long-lasting results.” According to Dr Botboul, the three day time frame is key to “getting progressive and cumulative stimulation of collagen and regeneration of the skin cells.”
Under the LED light

The Results

Probably the biggest indicator that I’m feeling good about my skin post-treatment, is that I haven’t felt the need to cover it up with makeup thus far. This is a great rejuvenating treatment when your regular skincare is not working or as maintenance for those aged 50 and up. You’re advised to do this every two to six months, although results can last up to four months. Affordable, quick, pain-free and with visible results, it’s a good option to those who fear painful, expensive and invasive procedures.

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