Our Review Of EstheClinic’s OXYPURE Oxygenation Facial

I got the opportunity to try EstheClinic’s new OXYPURE facial treatment, a 3-in-1 exfoliation, antioxidant infusion, and oxygenation facial. First, a disclaimer: this was the first facial I’ve ever gotten. I am being completely impartial and giving my honest opinion, but it’s worth noting that I have no previous experiences to compare mine to.

What is an oxygenation facial?

Oxygenation or oxygen facials are a fairly new treatment where pressurized oxygen is sprayed onto exfoliated skin. The theory is that because cells need oxygen to work, this concentrated application of the molecule (usually paired with the application of other skin-benefitting creams) improves blood circulation, smooths wrinkles, and promotes collagen production.

EstheClinic’s OXYPURE works slightly differently. Using a machine called OxyGeneo which applies carbon dioxide to the epidermis, the treatment induces oxygen-rich blood to rise to the skin’s surface; this is supposed to make the skin brighter and bouncier. Effects should last for two weeks to a month.

My appointment at their new Sai Ying Pun location began with a consultation about the general benefits of the treatment and examining whether it would help me achieve the kind of skin I want (I specified I hoped to have a more even skin tone – has constant mask-wearing made anyone else’s face two different colours?). The therapist then examined my face, identifying dryness on my forehead and the borders of my face. I was told my skin tone would be fairer following the treatment, a natural effect of exfoliation.

I was also asked about what skincare products I use at home (I use coconut oil to clean make-up off or water on no-make-up days, followed by moisturizer). I was told I should use these four products at the bare minimum: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and an exfoliant twice a week. I’m skeptical about exfoliant as I don’t experience much peeling. However, I have since incorporated toner into my routine because, as I learned, cleaning the face with tap water also alters my skin’s pH level.

Toner is supposed to rebalance the face’s pH after cleansing,
along with other more lofty claims like tightening the skin’s cells and evening skin tone. If you don’t believe these claims, toner does at the very least catch the remnants of my makeup that haven’t been fully removed by cleanser. A softening lotion, sometimes used interchangeably with ‘toner’, is usually less astringent (read: drying) than toner and smooths and moisturizes the skin, prepping it to absorb subsequent products. 

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