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Super 3 in 1 Anti-Aging and Hydrating medical-grade facial treatment

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OxyPure - An innovative anti-aging medi-facial treatment

Exfoliate, infuse and oxygenise your skin.

EstheClinic’s OxyPure treatment is a 100% safe, non-invasive, and effective aesthetic treatment for several skin conditions, including acne, dull skin, dehydration and aging skin. Given its no downtimes, fast procedure and significant clinical results, OxyPure is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peeling.


With our breakthrough medi-facial, enjoy 3 skin-renewing anti-ageing treatments simultaneously: exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation. This exclusive combination improves skin tone, evens texture and nourishes the complexion giving a balanced healthy glow.

Why choose EstheClinic's OxyPure treatment?

Painless and 100% safe for everyone of all skin types, our medical-grade technology OxyPure treatment will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the regenerative cells in your skin for a balanced healthy glow.


Inspired by the well-known therapeutic effect of thermal springs, EstheClinic’s OxyPure has been designed to enrich the skin with oxygen while gently exfoliating dead skin and infusing active ingredients to maximize the effect with a comfortable, refreshing and highly effective 3-in-1 super facial treatment.


While standard oxygen facials have a stream of pressurized oxygen hitting the skin, OxyGeneo’s oxygenation effect happens internally, which is more effective. It creates carbon dioxide bubbles, which causes oxygen-enriched blood to come to the surface. There’s no external energy involved—just a cool ingredient interaction.

How does OxyPure work?

Hundreds of years ago, we discovered the skin-healing effects of natural hot springs. OxyPure technology is inspired by the sheer self-healing ability. This technology is unique because it adopts the body’s natural reaction mechanism to create an oxygen-enriched environment for skin and significantly improve the effectiveness of skincare ingredients. When ten of millions of minute bubbles gently burst in the skin surface, the active ingredients are best penetrated to deep clean the skin and remove the dead cells.


Exfoliation allows CO2 bubbles to be diffused into the skin, and creates a CO2-rich environment, brings oxygen-rich blood to skin cells and removes excess CO2. OxyPure plumps, hydrates and brighten skin, revitalizes, shrink the appearance of pores, improves cell regeneration, reduces pigmentation, provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.


The skin remains oxygenated, and cell metabolism reaches the top. Now the cells are in optimal conditions to absorb and use the nutrients from your skincare.

What you can expect

The EstheClinic effect

How OxyPure differs from other facials?

A super 3 in 1 Medi-facial: Exfoliate • Infuse • Oxygenise

  • EXFOLIATION – unlike some other facials, OxyPure has the added exfoliation step that removes the top layer of dead skin for more excellent absorption.
  • INFUSION – OxyPure buffs over the skin surface and infuse revitalizing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid to the skin. It is incredibly gentle and can be used on sensitive skin and delicate areas such as around the eyes, mouth and nose.
  • UNIQUE OXYGENATION – The most important difference that sets OxyPure apart is in the skin’s oxygenation process. OxyPure’s oxygenation effect takes place internally, beneath the skin surface. This is done with the release of carbon dioxide bubbles on the skin, which causes oxygen-enriched blood to rise to the surface of the skin.

100% Safe and Non-invasive

Our facial treatments are designed to fit in comfortably with your busy lifestyle. OxyPure is a non-invasive, surgery-free facial treatment that requires no downtime. Expect no pain and only results!

You’ll see a brighter, more radiant effect after the very first visit! The benefits are compounded with each following session, and you’ll enjoy a fairer, more radiant and pigment-free skin for months after.

Immediate results

OxyPure works for nearly all ages, skin tones, and complexions. 

  • Even out skin tone
  • Improves skin cells regeneration
  • Deeply oxygenise and provide nutrients to the skin cells
  • Reduce and heal enlarged pores

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How does it work?

Countless minute CO2 bubbles will penetrate and burst in the deep skin. This triggers the Bohr effect, which decreases the PH value of tissue, stimulates haemoglobin to release oxygen, expands blood vessel to speed up blood circulation and enrich the oxygen content in the blood.
OxyPure plumps, hydrates and brighten skin, revitalizes, shrink the appearance of pores, improves cell regeneration, reduces pigmentation, provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Who is the right candidate for OxyPure?​

OxyPure works for nearly all ages, skin tones, and complexions. It is a gentle skin treatment. However, people with some skin conditions, such as rosacea, sunburns, or an active rash, should not use OxyPure until those conditions have been treated.

How much does it cost?

The price per session depends on the area being treated. Prices for OxyPure treatment start from $212 per session, and a la carte rates are also available.

Why do I need a consultation first?

To be certain you are choosing the right treatment, and answer all your questions, we always start with a FREE initial consultation.

During this session, an experienced consultant will listen to your concerns and discuss your needs and expectations. After a clinical examination, she will be able to determine a facial treatment plan suitable for your skin. The recommended treatment plan may include one or more aesthetic treatments, depending on your needs. The consultant will also identify any possible allergies, skin injuries or ongoing medical treatments – to ensure there are no contraindications to the advised treatment.

We are proud of our high levels of customer satisfaction, which is why all our clinics adhere to a strict charter. Discover EstheClinic’s philosophy.

Can I combine this treatment with other procedures?

To achieve the ultimate glow, we would recommend completing our AquaPure treatment with our Intense Glow Programme. If you suffer from acne, the Intensive Acne treatment will help eliminate the bacteria causing acne tissues and rebalancing your skin. 

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