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Face Lifting Treatment

The essential triple-layer face lifting treatment in Hong Kong

Rejuvenate your youthful radiance with our ultimate lift HIFU facial treatment. This collagen remodelling treatment penetrates the deepest layers of the skin with high-intensity focused ultrasound technology. Wave goodbye to saggy skin and hello to a younger, happier you.

Why choose EstheClinic's HIFU facial treatment?

Hong Kong is a city to take your breath away with its magnificence. However, urban living can take its toll on our own beauty. Environmental pollutants, combined with the naturalageing process, cause the skin’s collagen fibres to break down. Increased laxity leads to flabbier skin, and a more haggard appearance, while the face becomes rounder and droopier.


EstheClinic’s HIFU facial treatment effectively treats the superficial and deeper dermal layers, as well as the facial musculature, by directing high amounts of thermal energy to problem areas. Fat cells are broken down, wrinkles reduced, and skin tightened. This innovative technology allows temperatures during the treatment to comfortably reach up to 70°C without damaging the skin’s surface.


This non-invasive facelift produces a triple layer effect with long-lasting results. HIFU technology replenishes the skin from the inside by stimulating optimal collagen production with thermal energy. Restore your youthful visage, with fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.

What you can expect

The EstheClinic effect

Instant results

Results can be seen immediately after treatment, and optimum results can be expected from one to three months, with skin visibly lifted and defined.

A facial treatment tailored to you

Where is your problem area ? The HIFU facial treatment is perfect for full, upper, or lower facelifts, double chins, neck tightening, and it is especially effective at reducing the appearance of a chubby face. Our therapists are all professionally trained to provide a personalised treatment designed just for you.

Fuss-free facelift

No risk, no downtime, just results. Our HIFU facial treatment is a viable alternative to invasive facelifts and surgery.

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How does it work?

HIFU directs focused ultrasound energy to the target area, allowing temperatures to comfortably reach up to 70°C without damaging the skin’s surface. This is the only non-invasive device on the market that allows the deepest penetration of energy, targeting depths of 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm, for skin lifting and tightening. The high amount of energy that the HIFU emits makes it the perfect solution for skin tightening, facial contouring and the elimination of unwanted fat.

How quickly will I see results?

You will notice fewer wrinkles as well as face lifting and tightening effects immediately post treatment. Optimum results can be expected from one to three months and collagen remodelling of the face takes about 13 weeks to significantly improve overall complexion. After only 2 to 4 sessions you can expect long-lasting results of 3 to 6 months.

Why do I need a consultation first?

To be certain you are choosing the right treatment, and answer all your questions, we always start with a FREE initial consultation. During this session, an experienced consultant will listen to your concerns and discuss your needs and expectations. After a clinical examination, he/she will be able to determine a facial treatment plan suitable for your skin. The recommended treatment plan may include one or more aesthetic treatments, depending on your needs. The consultant will also identify any possible allergies, skin injuries or ongoing medical treatments – to ensure there are no contraindications to the advised treatment.

Can I combine this treatment with other procedures?

Yes, you can! Soothe & Becalm LED photomodulation will enhance the results of our Lift Me Up facelift treatment, revealing radiant and glowing skin. Or you can enjoy the combination of Lift Me Up Radiofrequency and LED Photomodulation with the CosmeLED Global Anti-Ageing treatment. Glow-to-Go IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you achieve flawless skin without pigmentation spots.

How can I prolong the results for as long as possible?

We recommend you also use Le DermaBooster at home, to stimulate the cellular activity and refine the skin’s texture. Le DermaBooster should be combined with daily use of Le Serum CosmeLED, a pure concentration of active anti-ageing ingredients that increases cell regeneration and skin renewal while enhancing skin elasticity and radiance. Use La Crème CosmeLED, a powerful anti-ageing cream, to treat all signs of skin ageing. If you require advice or more information about any of our IPL facial treatments, our therapists are only a quick message away. Get in contact with us today! At EstheClinic, we offer a free consultation to get you started on your journey to beautifully rejuvenated skin.

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